Welcome to NattensHimmel!

Hello, you have just arrived at teh website of Stormrider a.k.a. Vredens Engel - who cannot speak about themselves in 3rd person for more than one sentence. Yea, personal homepages seem to have mostly extincted but I still insist on maintaining such a thing.
I create webpages. I take photos. I am fond of experimenting with diverse types of hardware and making them work under Linux || FreeBSD (obviously suffering from insomnia). I write about stuff I am interested in.
Nothing special I guess, but I'd gladly share it with... ehhm, anyone who cares. I am not aiming to present a well-polished, idealized - and false - image of myself, rather wish to show some of what I really am.

Midwinternight has always been an inspiration to me.
Silence, frost and darkness - without unnecessary distractions or sharp light - when snow crystals gleam like small, white sapphires - give awesome possibilities to discover one's own world of thoughts. This is a special and inner experience.
When the sky is so dark that one actually begins to discover shades of darkness, and when winternight seems to be endless, I get completely fascinated. This is why the title is Nattens Himmel - Sky of the Night.