Hello and welcome to Nattens Himmel!

Yes, this is a personal website of that kind that seems to be extincting lately. But, no matter what the actual online trends are, such a website is what gives a good opportunity to express - not an idealized and false image of what I want to be seen as, but what and who I really am.

Inspirations of silence, frost and darkness of the winter solstice - without unnecessary distractions or sharp light; when snow crystals gleam in the darkness as small, white sapphires; when midwinter night seems to last forever; when the sky is so black that you begin to discover shades in darkness - this is when the deep thoughts come forth. This is what keeps me inspired.
This is why the title is Nattens Himmel - The Sky of the Night.

The layout is inspired by nostalgic longing for the good ol' times around 2004/2005 (when many people had websites with such layouts).
Colour scheme & theme inspired by Blood Red Skies.