To be honest, I cannot find the right words to express how desperate, sad and worried I am. I loathe this feeling of helplessness; loathe the thought of certain Important Politicians (tm) deciding to send people to die in a senseless war. Why doesn't it matter how many people die or become homeless? Why doesn't it matter how many children lose their parents?

In addition to it, I have some extra reasons to be even more desperate and sad. You see, I am an aviation fan - but as a pacifist, I am convinced these wonderful aircrafts should not be used to kill. One would think that in 2022, we are smarter and more civilized than that. I thought humanity had already learnt from experiences of the past. Everyone who takes part in a war is bound to lose.

I have always said I adore everything that's big, flying and preferably produced either in Russia or Ukraine. It's unbearable to think it's exactly my favourites, the awesome MiG's and Sukhoy's (who serve in both countries) who are battling against each other.
And, honestly, does there exist just one avgroupie who wouldn't love the huge transport aircraft family Antonov?
To be sentimental is not typical of me, but the loss of the Ukrainian dream An-225 Mriya - together with an An-26 and an An-74 - made me cry. I cannot be comforted. The one and only An-22 Antei who's still active is severely damaged.
I might not be completely normal, but I am mourning. I see sane human beings usually don't cry over destroyed aircrafts, but these beauties were/are more than just aircrafts. I have an Antei-, and a Mriya-shaped hole in my heart. And I do comprehend they were more than just "big transportation planes that cound play a crucial role in a war situation", destroying them was not only strategical. They were the pride of Ukraine. They had something to be proud of.
I can only hope that everyone who's making the Important Decisions (tm) are going to come to reason and stop this insane, senseless war. It's already way too much that's lost. There doesn't exist any politicial ideology or economical calculations that would make it worth. Mature, adult people should get it.